Who I Am

This blog is about ideas – not about the people who have them. I commit to examining my assumptions, using epithets only kindly and appreciating critique.

I believe our country has reached a turning point where we must decide: are we committed to taking each other seriously even if we disagree?  Also: what are our fundamental values?

Wondering who I am? Here are the bullet points. Since I graduated from Georgetown, I have:

  • Worked for my family’s winery (www.MeekerWine.com) – both in the cellar and sales
  • Served in the Peace Corps in Mali as a Natural Resource Management extension agent
  • Spent three years in Alaska working for Ethan Berkowitz’s 2008 Congressional campaign and then for the Anchorage Park Foundation
  • Moved to Portland, where I was the community manager at www.OpenSesame.com, a tech startup
  • Worked as the Field Representative for Congressman Jared Huffman in Sonoma County, California

Today, I’m a freelance project manager, writer and communications strategist.  I’m a geek for public policy, technology and social change. Find my full CV on LinkedIn.

You can reach me at kkmeeker (at) gmail (dot) com.


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